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Product maintenance

Taking care of your wood furniture

We all love to enjoy precious moments in the comfort of our homes, and here at TemaHome we are the first to say that a house should be lived to its fullest. Still, proper care and maintenance is the best warranty of a longer and improved life for you wood furniture. To guide you through the top tips of how to maintain TemaHome's products, we gathered a few topics that will ensure your furniture with many years of superior performance. It's as easy as it seems!


Protect it from direct heat and sunlight

Avoid placing the furniture too close to heater vents, radiators or fireplaces, that will cause the wood to loose its natural moisture and can even make it crack. We also recommend you not to place your furniture in places where temperature and levels of humidity may vary considerably.

Another important advice to ensure a long life for your wood furniture is to prevent it from being exposed to direct sunlight, since wood can darken or fade, leaving permanent stains. So that the product's color changes evenly, we recommend that any objects placed on the surface should be moved frequently during the first few months of usage. When placing the furniture nearby windows or doors, use effective coverings, such blinds or curtains that can act as a shield against the sun's rays.


Dust often

This is probably the most important habit to develop so that the wood's finishing can be kept intact. But dusting can also be the cause of small scratches, which can further develop into bigger problems, therefore it is advisable to use a soft cloth, slightly dampened, or just treated wipes. This works much better than using a duster, or multi-purpose cleaners, as they are normally too toxic for the fine finishing of your furniture. 
 Also, keep away from polishers. They do provide an immediate sparkle and make your furniture look wonderful after polished, however this will end up in creating the need to dust twice as often. Instead of repealing it, polishers attract dust and your furniture will look dusty again soon.


Treat scratches properly

After some time of usage, it is almost impossible to avoid having at least one visible scratch on your furniture, but fortunately it's quite easy to disguise them. We advice a very easy fix, using a wax stick (that you can find at your local hardware store) matching the wood's color, where the scratch is located. Just “color in” the scratch and that's it! As a plus, the wax will also protect the wood from outside elements. Re-wax as many times as necessary, making sure that the colored wax is applied heavily enough to match the depth of the scratch, and create a flat surface again.


Click here to download the Product Care booklet pdf (3Mb):