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Our History

The TEMAHOME Corporation is the result of the merger of Symbiosis SAS (France) with Temahome SA (Portugal) after Temahome SA was acquired by Moreau SAS holding company (France) in January 2018 and Symbiosis SAS had already been acquired in 2004.

The merger has given the TEMAHOME corporation solid foundations to offer a wide variety of products, made out of various raw materials, corresponding to most budgets and delivered to more than 45 countries across the world.

Major milestones

1961 – Mermillod & Porret was started.

The company which would later become Symbiosis SAS was started in the French Alps, in the Aravis Mountains close to the beautiful city of Annecy and its lake.

1975 – Mail order distribution.

Mermillod & Porret started to focus on flat packed functional furniture for major mail order distributors and built a new and larger factory.

1981 – Norema Portuguesa was started.

The company which would later become TEMAHOME SA was started in Portugal in the historical Templar city of Tomar and began to supply some of the major European retailers.

2000 – TEMA contemporary design collections.

Norema Portuguesa was renamed TEMA and started to develop its own contemporary design collections, widely distributed around the world.

2004 – Moreau SAS acquired Mermillod & Porret.

2008 - TEMA became TEMAHOME.

The brand is then associated with pure lines and contemporary design.

2009 – Symbiosis brand and e-commerce.

The Symbiosis brand was created and focus was shifted from mail order to e-commerce distribution and to young living lifestyle products to strengthen its presence in Europe.

Jan 2018 – Moreau SAS acquired Temahome SA.

Sept 2018 - Merged under the TEMAHOME brand.

Our teams combine their know-how and experience to enable us to offer great products and great services to our customers around the world.