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The surface of the panels is plated with a thin layer of wood that give them a true solid wood appearance, without the twists or cracks that are unavoidable with plain wood.

Each panel is then carefully coated with polyurethane varnish.
Although this varnish coat ensures a high degree of protection, the external wood layer still requires the same type of proper care as solid wood does (see our product maintenance section).

Lacquered finish:

We use various type of lacquer to obtain the delicate and sensitive colors we want, with matte or glossy finish.

Lacquered finish is quite strong but still requires proper care (see our product maintenance section).


For areas where water may be spread around, like kitchen or bathroom, or for intensive use, melamine coating offers a fairly cost effective protection with a very good resistance to water and abrasion.

Our melamine finishes are applied on wood, concrete or color printed papers, but we never use the paper finish alone, without melamine, as it does not resist water nor abrasion.
Because of the great resistance of melamine finish, maintenance is very simple.


Outstanding natural stone, marble has been used for centuries to provide a unique and timeless finish.

Marble requires specific care as it is sensitive to liquids in general and particularly to acids such as lemon juice or vinegar.

Inside panel construction

Inside construction may be plain or honeycomb

Plain boards:

Up to 2.5 cm thickness.


Above 2.5 cm, the use of plain boards would result in too high product weights and we have therefore developed a unique honeycomb construction. 

This construction reduces the total weight of the furniture and at the same time ensures great material resistance with built in appropriate local reinforcements.