Environmentally Friendly
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Environmentally Friendly

Portugal is a land of lush green vegetation and beautiful clear blue seas. Our green heritage and deep respect for Mother Nature is a constant in our every day life.

The Portuguese soul has always been in balance with the environment, way before that was a global trend. The essence of our eco-friendly policy is to achieve the co-existence with the natural environment and eco-system, under this principle; we exercise four basic concepts at everything we do. They are:

  1. We focus in “producing more from less” and “upgrading resource productivity,” to reduce the material intensity and energy intensity of commodities. We are dedicated to cutting the consumption of unnecessary raw materials, processes, and energy, always producing the lowest quantity of waste material.
  2. We pay attention to the concept of “design for environment” during the development process, and produce eco-friendly products.
  3. We operate a strict quality control department that monitors incoming resources assuring that no protected wood species are ever used in our products and that all of our vendors comply with their environmental regulations.
  4. We are active members of the EU’s GreenDot society, a Pro Europe (Packaging Recovery Organization Europe) initiative for recycling natural resources.

At Temahome, we believe in building a better tomorrow, today.